Purpose: To create a hospitable and welcoming atmosphere for disciples and visitors to worship God and hear the preached word.
Meeting Times:
2nd Fridays at 6:30 PM
Ministry Leader:
Sis. Susan Crisp
Bro. Charles Bailey


Purpose: To lead the congregation in song and worship in order to prepare them for the preached word.
Male Chorus (Males only)
Fellowship Choir (18 on up)
Praise & Worship Team
Star Kids (1-13 yrs)
Voices of Praise (13-35 yrs)
Meeting Times:
Thursdays @ 7PM
Ministry Leader:
Sis. Valerie Spruill (Mass Choir)
Bro. Vaughn Branch, Min of Music


Purpose: To provide a multi-sensory experience for those who attend and view worship in person as well as spread the gospel using various media outlets.
Meeting Time: 
Sundays @ 11 AM
Ministry Leader:
Bro. Lamont Bynoe
Bro. Ken Boyd
praise dance2

Praise Dance

Purpose: To provide members of all ages an opportunity to minister before the lord through dance.
Meeting Times:
Ministry Leader:
Sis. Lisa Knowles-Berrocal