Virtual Sunday School

During the pandemic the church has made adjustments to ensure the health the safety of our member and visitors. As a result our Sunday School has gone fully virtual until further notice. All Classes are now meeting via Zoom. Below is directory of Virtual classes and the link to enter their zoom class room.  

Adult Classes

Adult Women # 1
Teacher: Deaconess Barbara Greenhill
Time: 9-10am
Adult Women # 2
Teacher: Deacon Gwen Jordan
Time: 9-10am
Men of Valor
Teacher(S): Deacons Willie Scott & Paul Ingram
Time: 9-10am

Children & Youth Classes

Nursey (2- 5yrs) 
Teachers: Sis. Gwen Sargent, Keyocea Deberry & Karen Buchanan
Time: 10 – 10:30 am
Primary Class: (6-8yrs) 
Teacher: Sis. Keturah Hadley
Time: 9- 10 am
Junior Class (9 – 11yrs)
Teachers: Deacon Diane McNeal & Trustee Judith Stokes
Time: 9 – 10 am
Teen Class: (12 – 17yrs)
Teachers: Deaconess Zaundra Scott & Sis. Linda Treadwell
Time: 9-10am