Member Services endeavors to assist and support the disciples of the Star of Bethlehem holistically according to the word of God.

Baby Dedications
Baby dedications take place on the Second Sunday of each month at our11:00 a.m. worship service. Requests for baby dedications must be received at least4 weeks in advance of the desired date. Please contact the Church Office at starbethlehembc@gmail.com or 914-762-1360 for a baby dedication request form.

Baptism service, one of the ordinances of the church, is held on the First Sunday of each month before the 11:00 a.m. service. In order to be baptized you must complete at a baptism class. For more information, please contact a member of the Deacon or New Membership Ministry.

To receive an application or inquire about the process or status of an application, please contact a member of the Deacon Ministry.

Star of Bethlehem provides comfort, aid, and support to members and their families after the loss of a loved one (i.e. spouse, children, parent). Facilities are available for funerals and repasses. Please make your request to the Church Office (starbethlehembc@gmail.com or 914-762-1360) to ensure the home going service flows in accordance with Star’s funeral guidelines.

Spiritual Teams
Every member of STAR is placed in small group based after completion of New Member’s Orientation. These Spiritual Teams are led by members of the Deacon and Deaconess Ministries. The purpose of these groups is to provide total spiritual and congregational support to our disciples through Christian intimacy. To discover who your Spiritual Team Member is contact the Chair of Deacons.

Contribution Envelopes
To ensure each member receives proper credit for their contributions, members are assigned a number. Members that have not been assigned or do not know their ID number should contact a Church Trustee at Trustee@starbethbc.org  or 914-762-1360.

Lost and Found
Lost items may be turned into a member of the Usher or Embracing Ministry. If you believe you lost an item at the church, please contact the Church Office at starbethlehembc@gmail.com or 914.762.1360

New Member Orientation
At Star, we are not satisfied with just having members; we believe that "discipleship" is what the Lord requires! It is our goal, therefore, to see that each New Disciple/member has a firm foundation on which to build, and is established in the Word of God so he/she can grow and experience a life of victory in Christ Jesus. New members must complete New Orientation classes as the first step in the process to becoming full fledge members of the Star of Bethlehem Baptist Church.

These sessions take place on Sundays at 9:45am in the Conference Room. The purpose of the orientation session is to provide new members with the opportunity to learn about Star of Bethlehem’s history, programs and ministries as well as spend time discussing the Baptist view of our Christian faith.
Topics include:
           • Plan of Salvation
           • Baptist Beliefs
           • Christian Stewardship
           • Star of Bethlehem’s history, vision and Leadership

Room Reservations
The facilities of Star of Bethlehem are available for use by members. To reserve a room for a church-related event, please contact the Church Office, or download the Facility Request Form off the website. Reservations should be made at least two weeks in advance.

Transportation Requests
The Transportation Ministry picks up members and visitors each week from their home and return them after service. Pick up times vary based upon location. Requests for transportation to attend any Star service or event, please contact the Church Office at starbethlehembc@gmail.com or 914.762.1360.

 Membership Update Your Information
Please help us keep our Membership Records up-to-date by using the Member Update Form to let us know if you have moved, changed telephone numbers, e-mail addresses and/or other contact information. Please go online and update your membership profile.

Couples desiring to have their wedding at Star of Bethlehem must be scheduled for premarital counseling sessions with Pastor Jones before any dates can be confirmed or marriage services will be provided. Couples must complete premarital counseling before the wedding date. To schedule a Pre-marital counseling session, please contact the Church Office at starbethlehembc@gmail.com or 914-762-1360 to make arrangements.



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