Prayer Request

Anonymous, June 8, 2022 - 5:59 pm

Please pray I do not have a manic, hypomanic or depressive episode ever. Pray I can sleep 8.5 hours daily and not need to nap at all. Pray my eyes do not focus involuntarily upward due to psychiatric pills. Pray I do not hear negative demonic voices and no snake image too. Pray my husband gets healthier and stays under 200 lbs. Pray my son does not have mental illness and him and my husband and I are not depressed. That we are in a normal good mood consistently. Pray I have normal fasting 75-85 blood sugar levels. Pray my family and I do not have cancer. Pray my goiter and nodule on my thyroid shrink and go away. Pray I am not allergic to trees, pollen, grass, ragweed too. That my allergy shot does not tire me or depress me either. Pray my lower back does not hurt from driving to and from the Midwest for my sister's wedding. Pray I do not stress out over wedding trip and we have safe travels with no flat tire. Pray my family and I are motivated. Pray that the air conditioning and heating system in our home works and does not break down. Pray my dry eye condition does not worsen and is healed. Pray my husband does not have migraines. Thanks for praying for us.