Nehemiah Roof Project:

Rise up & Build


Campaign Scripture

 I also told them about the gracious hand of my God on me and what the king had said to me. They replied, “Let us start rebuilding.” So they began this good work.         – Nehemiah 2:18

Campaign Need

Our Church Building was constructed in 1996 with a year designed to last for 20 years. Over the last few years we have had to make minor repairs in different areas where there was damage. As it is now 2022, it’s time to replace the exterior roof to prevent any interior damage. 

Campaign Goal

To raise $75,000 to replace the entire roof of the church building, so we can have a safe space to worship, grow and serve the community

Project Time Line

Starting Date: February 1, 2022  

Pledge forms due: Feb. 20, 2022

Tentative date to begin Work: Jun 1, 2022 (only if we have received at least 50%)

Ending Date: September 30, 2022

How can I Support:

We need at least 135 generous disciples to pledge and give a specific amount towards this project. 

 Campaign Categories


List of Pledgees

  1.  Pastor Shaun Ellison Jones
  2. Min. Tenee A.H. Jones
  3.  In Memory of Piccola Knowles
  4. Trustee Melissa Swinton-Ghafoor
  5. sis. Nora Wilkinson
  6. Sis. Sharea Woodley
  7. Sis. Mia Wright
  8. Sis. Pamela ALSTON
  9. Mother Willa ALSTON  
  10.  Trustee Emeritus Nettie Banks
  11.  Deaconess Cynthia Barnes
  12.  Deacon Michael Barnes
  13.  Sis. Ethel Bazemore
  14.  Trustee Jennifer Brown
  15.  Deacon Harold Brown
  16.  Sis. Angela Bunch
  17.  Sis. Elana Bush-Soumaoro
  18.  Trustee Renee Carson
  19. Sis. Debbie Cherry
  20.  Sis. Juanita Deberry
  21.  Deacon Alan Esters
  22. Sis. Keturah L. Hadley
  23. Deacon Jesse B. Hamilton
  24. Sis. Cynthia Hankins
  25.  Trustee Earnestine Haskins
  26. Sis. Bernice Hunter-Lemon
  27.  Deacon Thomas Jefferson
  28. Deaconess Viola Jefferson
  29. Sis. Corola A. Jernigan
  30.  Sis. Donna Jones-Thomas
  31.  Deacon Gwen Jordan
  32.  Bro. Hubert Jordan
  33. Trustee Thurman Jordan
  34. Sis. Joan King
  35. Sis. Jackline Kirimi
  36.  Sis. Beatrice Lambert
  37. Deacon Diane McNeal
  38. Sis. Wanda Powell-Robinson
  39. Trustee Crosby Scott
  40. Deacon Willie Scott
  41. Deaconess Zaundra Scott
  42. Deacon Fred Smithwick
  43. Deaconess Lisa Smithwick
  44. Trustee Judith Stokes
  45. Trustee Melissa Swinton-Ghafoor
  46.  Sis. Venesia Welsh
  47. Bro. Tony Wilcher
  48.  Bro. Jeffery Wormley
  49. Sis. Juanita Deberry
  50.  Sis. Arvella Coard
  51. Deaconess Barbara Greenhill
  52.  Sis. Sheryl Haskins
  53. Sis. Paulette Haynes
  54. Sis. Shani Jackson
  55. Sis. Vanessa O’Conner
  56. Sis. Patricia Scott

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