Financial Support/Benevolent

In Matthew 25, scripture teaches us to care for those going to difficult times. Our Benevolent Ministry exists to assist members and non-members in times of financial need. We provide a Basic Need on a Short-Term Basis Only.
For members please alert your Tribal Leader (Deacon) and they will help you fill out an application. Once we have received your application. It will be reviewed, and you will be informed whether or not the requested amount can be made. Please note that applying does not guarantee that your request will be granted.  The church does not discriminate against applicants based on race, color, sex, national origin, age or disability. The church may provide short-term (or emergency) assistance to ensure that an applicant has the basic necessities.
All assistance granted to the applicant for emergency needs will be paid directly to the business or service provider. Assistance may also be provided in the form of goods. The type of aid that is appropriate depends on the individual’s needs and available resources.
1. Need must be related to a short-term financial crisis (medical emergency, accidents, loss of job, etc.)
2. Requests for assistance are limited to Two (2) disbursements annually (within a 12 month period),
Per Household (special circumstances will be reviewed).
3. Documentation supporting the financial need will be required.
1. Legal fees related to family disputes.
2. Long term and repetitive expenses.
3. Non-essential expenses.
4. Mobile Phone (an exception can be made if it’s your only phone)
1. Contact your Tribal Team Leader for a Benevolent Request Form.
2. Complete and submit the Benevolent Request Form to your Tribal Team Leader with the appropriate documentation (incomplete forms will not be processed).
3. The Tribal Team Leader will submit the form to the Benevolent Treasurer.
4. The Benevolent Treasurer and Deacon Chairpersons will review the request and present it to the Pastor for the final approval. If approved, the check will be issued to your provider as soon as possible.
Additional Criteria:
If more than two requests are made annually, you will be given a list of other non-profit agencies and advised to seek the assistances of a professional financial advisor.
Requests should be made at least a Week in Advance