A Prophetic Word from

Pastor Shaun Ellison Jones

As we return to in-person worship God says that we must first sanctify and consecrate ourselves. This requires a heart, mind and spirit check. God says that while you may be returning to the physical structure this is not a return to things of old. Star must continue to seek me for insight and revelation regarding the impact it should make in the kingdom and the community. Therefore I have given you the book of Nehemiah as a guide for how you should return to my temple/sanctuary. 
From July 28th – August 1st, Star will participate in
a 5 Day Church-Wide Fast.
During these days we will engage in prayer, read God’s word, reflect, deny ourselves food so we will return better, stronger imagining our impact!
There are three important elements to fasting: 
  • Prayer – Prayer is the key that unlocks the door. Pray daily, ask God to increase your faith. 
      • Pray with Star every day of the fast 7AM. 
      • Dial in #: 515-606-5149   Access code: 735132#
  • Scripture – Meditate on the given passage for each day. Ask God to show you how to personally apply it to your life.
  • Fasting– Say no to your flesh and say yes to God. Denying your cravings draws you closer to God.
  • No Food from 7AM – 3PM.

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