A Word from Pastor Jones
Happy New Year. As we enter 2022, I pray that you approach this new year with a renewed optimism. The last two years have been rough on everyone. Yet, I believe that 2022 is the year that both you and Star bounces back. Which is why God told me that 2022 is the Year of Re: Recommit, Refocus, and Rejoicing. Throughout this year God is calling us to a Return to….and become Anew.
In order to achieve this as a congregation we will participate in
21-Days of fasting and Prayer, starting Jan. 3rd and ending Jan. 23rd.
There are three important elements to fasting: 
Spend time talking and listening to God for direction and revelation. 
Pray each week day (Mon. – Fri.) of the fast via our prayer call at  7- 7:15 AM. 
Prayer Call Line
Dial in #: (202) 926-1095
Access Code: 735132#
Meditate on the given passage for each day. Ask God to show you how to personally apply it to your life.
Say no to your flesh and say yes to God. Denying your cravings draws you closer to God.
Adult Week 1: PARTIAL FAST
No food for a set time; sacrifice one meal.
Adult Week 2: DENIAL FAST
No food from 6AM to 6PM
Adult Week 3: DANIEL FAST
Fruit, Vegetables, Juice & Water Only
Youth Fasting Schedule 
  • Sunday: No texting Friends
  • Monday: No Video Games
  • Tuesdays: No TV/Streaming
  • Wednesdays: No Fast Food
  • Thursdays: No Meat
  • Fridays: No Social Media
  • Saturday: No Sweets