What is Lent:

Lent is the forty-days (not counting Sundays) stretching from Ash Wednesday to Resurrection Sunday (Easter). It is a time in the life of church where we focus on both preparation and repentance.


What is the Road the Calvary Fast?

This year as we look to Recommit, Refocus, and Rejoice, Lent is a excellent time for us as a congregation to refocus on the things that truly matter in the life of a disciple. We will spend the next 40 days reading and reflecting on scripture, in intentional prayer, and sacrificial fasting.

Fasting schedule:

Dates: March 2 – April 15 (No Fasting on Sundays)


Fasting Options:

This year members are encouraged to pick one of the two types Fasts: Progressive or Blackout during the Lenten season.

Progressive Fast:

During the fast every two week we will eliminate something from our diet.

  • Weeks 1 & 2: (March 2- March 12) No sweets
  • Weeks 3 & 4:(March 14-26) No carbonate, caffeinated, alcoholic drinks
  • Weeks 5 & 6: (March 28-April 8)  No bread or fried food
  • Weeks 7: (April 11 – 16) No meet

Blackout Fast:

No Social Media (March 2 – April 16 except for Religious Edification


Corporate prayer & Devotional time:

Disciples are encouraged to read the daily scriptures and pray daily. In addition on Wednesdays at 7 AM Pastor Jones will lead us in prayer and then at 12Noon one of our Associate Ministers will share a short devotional message on our digital platforms (Website, YouTube, FB).

Fasting Resources

Mid-Week Road to Calvary Devotional