This year God has called us to use our spiritual imagination to make an impact in the kingdom and the world. As we approach Easter Sunday we will fast so to increase our faith in what God wants to do through us as well as what God can do for us. 
From March 14th – April 3rd, we will engage in the Road to Calvary Fast. During these 21 days we will engage in sacrifice, sanctification, and spiritual renewal. 
There are four important elements to fasting: 
  • Prayer – Prayer is the key that unlocks the door. Pray daily, ask God to increase your faith. 
      • Pray with Star on Wednesdays at 7AM & 6:30 PM.  Dial in #: 515-606-5149   Access code: 735132#
  • Scripture – Meditate on the given passage for each day. Ask God to show you how to personally apply it to your life.
      • Watch our Video Devotionals on Tues. & Thurs. on Facebook & YouTube or Website.
  • Fasting– Say no to your flesh and say yes to God. Denying your cravings draws you closer to God. Participate in our fast (only drink water & no food Fridays (6am-6pm).
  • Giving – We will culminate this consecration with a SEED OF FAITH on Easter Sunday. Prepare a sacrificial offering, above and beyond tithes, to sow during worship on Easter Weekend (April 4). We believe that these seeds of faith will help revive our
    imaginations by helping us trust God beyond what is comfortable. When our faith expands into sacrificial action, we will see great things.
Join us as we rededicate ourselves as we spiritually imagine and believe by faith that if we can dream it God can accomplish it.